Audio-Technica: Performance Redefined!

Audio-Technica is a distinguished manufacturer of high performance headphones, microphones and other electronic equipment for personal and professional use. The brand has won numerous awards and is extremely well respected all over the world. Audio-Technica equipment is used in the US Senate and the House of Representatives and also during presidential debates and other government broadcoasts. A-T has the honor of being the top choice for celebrated Television events such as the GRAMMY awards, Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and so on. A-T was founded in 1962 in Tokyo, Japan by Hideo Matsushita. Since then, the company has been pursuing audio-excellence with frenetic zeal.

Even though A-T had been a highly popular brand in the international market for almost 5 decades, it did not have an official presence in India. Indian customers had to ship the product directly from foreign dealers. This was a lengthy and tiresome process, which also involved paying heavy custom duty. Moreever, there was no provision of servicing the products in India since local repair shops did not stock original parts. All this changed when Pristine Note became the first official distributor for Audio-Technica in the country. Today, Indian music connoiseurs have easy and reliable access to a wide range of 100% authentic A-T products.

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