Pristine /prɪstiːn,ˈprɪstʌɪn/ adj. Clean & Fresh, Flawless
Note /nəʊt/ noun. A Pitched Sound, Musical Note


We started as family of audiophiles. Our love for music has inspired us to come up with solutions that push the envelope in audio technology without breaking the bank. We are leading distributorsof audio products in India. With more than 14 years of audio distribution background. We also attempt to manufacture our products locally, with raw material sourced domestically or internationally. We have 2 offices and warehouse located in Navi Mumbai and Kolkata in India. In 2010, we launched Signature Acoustics, a fully home-grown brand that blends hi-tech audio components with intricate craftsmanship to create one-of-kind products that the world has never seen before. We acknowledge that music becomes even more enjoyable when it's paired with good food and drinks. Hence, we are soon launching the brand 'MOJOblend' which specializes in high quality kitchenware.


We are currently engaged in the following acitivities

  • Manufacturing of audio products and accessories in India
  • Import and export of audio components and accessories. Retail and distribution, consultation etc. After-sales support, servicing and repair of all items purchased from us and elsewhere.
  • Professional Website Design


A decade ago, the Indian audio scene was dominated by a handful of brands that mostly dealt in mediocre products and charged exorbitant prices. We introduced a number of global brands to India. This made high quality audio more accessible and affordable. We are the exclusive distributors for a number of renowned brands (such as Swans). We also export Indian-made products to other countries. Many of our components and accessories are hand-made in India, thus providing a boost to the local handicraft industry.

  • As of 2021, Pristine Note has completed 12 fabulous years.
  • More than 1 million happy customers
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction record - Not a single unresolved query!


We sincerely endeavour to formulate high quality audio solutions for the global market. Our organization is driven by a heartfelt and intrinsic longing for musical excellence. We aren't here just to make a quick buck or two. The founders of Pristine Note did not get into audio just because it seemed like a lucrative business opportunity. They had, and continue to have, an almost feverish obsession for music and everything related to it. Hence, they started a company that would deal exclusively in fabulous products meant for true audiophiles like themselves. We actually care about our customers. There is absolutely no place for mediocrity in any aspect of our operations. Be it logistics, after-sales support or any other department, we go out of our way to enhance consumer experience. Our ultimate ambition is to astound the world with our accuracy!


Pristine Note was born in 2009, as a natural extension of a family of music connoisseurs. Captain Gautam Banerjee, Senior Consultant at PR, was a professional musician in his early years. He has mastered several instruments such as the saxophone, keyboard, guitar, mouth-organ, flute and others. His father, is a zealous proponent of Hindustani sangeet. He defies old age and continues to play an integral role in organizing various music festivals and events in West Bengal. Gautam’s mom, Mrs. Gouri Banerjee, is the proprietor of Pristine Note. An ex-police officer, she has an evangelical devotion towards discipline and ethics. It is under her guidance that Pristine Note has thrived even during times of recession. All the people who work at Pristine Note have an abyssal fascination for good music and refined audio. This is one of the prime reasons why the company has continued to focus predominantly on audio, even though it had multiple opportunities to venture into mobile devices, computers, IT etc.


Pristine Note is looking to grow! We are continuously on the lookout for newer and better ways to make the world more musical. We understand that the secret to success lies not in defeating others, but by working together and achieving something magical. We are open to forging mutually rewarding partnerships with highly driven organizations and individuals. Feel free to CONTACT US with your ideas and suggestions

"There are four ways, and only four ways in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: Who we are? What we do? What we say? How we say it?" - Dale Carnegie