Pristine Note is pleased to announce the launch of HIFIMAN, a leading personal audio brand from America. HIFIMAN was founded in New York in 2007 by Dr. Fang who is, among many other things, an audio-zealot and a prodigal engineer. Almost immediately after its inception in the USA, the brand spread like an infection among the audiophile community and quickly gained international recognition.

In order to cope with the burgeoning demand for its products, HIFIMAN acquired two factories in China in the year 2010. However,


they did not have a single authorized dealer in India, until Pristine Note became the official distributor in early 2017. HIFIMAN products are designed based on the planar-magnetic theory. They are the epitome of cutting edge technology, head turning design and durability. 100% original HFIMAN products are now available in India with the Pristine Note seal of approval.

View the HIFIMAN product lineup at our official store –

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